Published during: February 2012

Baby, musings, video games

Baby girl has been kicking up a storm – enough to keep Jaimie from sleeping some nights. She’s also gotten what seems quite large, but apparently she’s about to kick off a growth spurt. Between now and the end of the pregnancy, she will triple or even quadruple in size. That’s frankly mind-blowing, as is most of pregnancy. There is, you know, a person growing in there. Read on, intrepid explorer →

Challenges, blessings, and transitions

If I haven’t written much this week on most of my blogs, well, it’s because I’ve been pretty busy.

One of the major transitions Jaimie and I have already gone through is that I’ve picked up some extra work on the side. I now spend 10-15 hours a week doing back end web development consulting work. Read on, intrepid explorer →

You may have more discipline than I do. But for me, the mission is everything; I’m downright religious about it. Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange have been wildly successful, but I finally realized that success at the cost of my children is not success. It is failure.

Joel SpolskyJeff Atwood, “Farewell Stack Exchange”, Coding Horror

Hi! *belch*

Two days in a row, now, I have called Jaimie on my way home from work. A rough transcript of the beginning of each conversation:

“Hello, Jaimie Dawn.”

“Hi! *belch*

“You burped!”

“Yes. *giggle* Are you coming home now?”

Two days in a row. I’m eagerly awaiting today’s conversation to see if it happens again. Read on, intrepid explorer →