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Topic: “entertainment”

Miscellanies in March

I’ve been posting much less these past few weeks. Not a surprise; life gets busy, and I’ve been pretty tired.

So has Jaimie; she saw the doctor for a pregnancy test, got some bloodwork done, and found out she’s anemic from the pregnancy.

Combine that with an offhand comment by a coworker, and some pieces of my life snapped together. For a decade or so, I’ve had an incredibly hard time staying awake when I’m bored. It started in 8th grade, and has continued ever since. Boring class? Sleep. Boring sermon? Sleep. Boring workday? Struggling not to fall asleep. I was notably anemic back when I had mono – common enough, but possibly still true. Read on, intrepid explorer →

Baby, musings, video games

Baby girl has been kicking up a storm – enough to keep Jaimie from sleeping some nights. She’s also gotten what seems quite large, but apparently she’s about to kick off a growth spurt. Between now and the end of the pregnancy, she will triple or even quadruple in size. That’s frankly mind-blowing, as is most of pregnancy. There is, you know, a person growing in there. Read on, intrepid explorer →