Published during: June 2012

Dancing with Ellie Kay

Tonight, Elayne (whom we have taken to calling "Ellie Kay") decided she was going to be fussy. Unless I was "dancing" with her. I had The Piano Guys playing, and if I held her in my lap or the crook of my arm, she fussed... but if I held her up in front of me, gently bouncing her back and forth in time to the music, she quieted down and got the closest thing to a smile a 3-week old can do.

She looked as happy as can be, and my heart melted. Jaimie, through a closed door and with the shower running, could nonetheless hear me exclaiming about how cute our little girl is. It's hard not to exclaim, when she just looks perfectly content and happy as long as I'm dancing with her.

Let's keep dancing together, Ellie Kay.

Elayne Kaylee Krycho

Alternate title: So, we had a baby…

Most of you have gotten the memo already, but Jaimie and I had our little girl! Elayne Kaylee Krycho was born on May 27 at 1:39 pm; she weighed 6 pounds and 4 oz, and she was just over 18 inches long.

picture of Jaimie and Elayne less than an hour after Elayne was born

Jaimie and Elayne, less than an hour after Elayne was born

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