Our Family

Chris is in his mid-twenties, working as a software developer and pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Southeastern Theological Seminary. He grew up in Colorado Springs, then attended the University of Oklahoma, where he studied physics (and music composition, but they don’t offer music minors). He likes running, reading, playing Ultimate, and spending time with friends when he’s not busy with one of the many things he writes about on this site.

Jaimie is a Texan by birth, a writer by trade, and a happily expecting mommy. She maintains her own personal blog, Refining Process, which is funnier and better-written than this one, as well as a professional blog at JaimieKrycho.com, which is more awesome and interesting than this one. She excels at meeting and making friends with non-Americans, is a wonder with small children, makes some mean tacos, sings in every style imaginable, and is drop-dead gorgeous.

Chris and Jaimie share a love of videogames (from Halo to Skyrim) and are enormous fans of Castle and Doctor Who.

Perhaps most exciting, they are are giddily enjoying the extraordinary adventure and changes that come with their first child, a beautiful little girl named Elayne Kaylee.

In the meantime, they’re soon-to-be members of First Baptist Church of Durham, where they’re looking forward to serving and growing as long as they’re in the area.