Published during: January 2012

This is awesome!

I just felt baby girl kicking and moving around for the first time!

It is one of the coolest, strangest, most awesome, most mind-boggling things I have ever felt. There is a little person in there, growing – now big enough that when she moves and pushes or kicks against the womb, I can feel it. Read on, intrepid explorer →

An amusing interlude

One evening recently, Jaimie went to bed early. I stayed up late working. Around 11pm, she walked out of our bedroom and stared at me, then proceeded to tell me about a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream, each one involving waking up in her bed – and several of them involving coming out and talking to me. Read on, intrepid explorer →


The only way to get a clear picture…

Okay, truth be told? I don’t think this 13 mile run is going to be fun, what with 50-mph winds…

Jaimie thinks she might have felt our little girl kick for the first time last night! Exceptionally exciting! (I still find it extraordinary that there is a small person growing in there.)

chocolate chip cookies, milk, and a book