Published during: June 2012

Introducing: JIRA Commit Acceptance Plugin Tweaks (Python, Batch)

One of the tasks I set for myself with JIRA at Quest was to configure it and Subversion so that people can't check in with referencing a JIRA Issue. This is a little thing, but it helps ensure people will actually use the issue tracker, instead of letting it languish. Add good version and source control policies - the kind you implement on the server, not just the kind you tell people to use (because we all know how well that works out) - and you have a solution that helps people use both version control and the issue tracker sensibly. Read on, intrepid explorer →

Eclipse Indigo, Subversive, and Connectors

This is apparently a pretty common issue, so I thought I’d write up the solution to it. When using the suggested method of installing Subversive – one of two standard SVN client plugins for Eclipse, the other being Subclipse – the installation may fail (as it did for me). The Eclipse error messages for the failure aren’t incredibly informative, but I managed to figure out the issue, so here it is: Read on, intrepid explorer →

JIRA, Confluence, Intranets and Windows Firewall

For my work with Quest Consultants, I've been working on setting up version control, issue tracking, and document control. After doing quite a bit of research, I settled on a few Atlassian products, integrating JIRA and Confluence with Subversion (you just can't beat TortoiseSVN for a Subversion client).

Installation goes off without a hitch, generally speaking, but I started to run into a singular, most annoying problem: I couldn't access the site on the intranet. Read on, intrepid explorer →

Starting to look more closely at the code I’m going to spend the next few months with. Oh, my…

My new favorite font for writing: Bitstream Vera Sans, discovered via Jesse Grosjean’s fantastic WriteRoom app – which all Mac-using writers should look into. The font is free for everyone; go get it!