Web Professionals

Everything I know about web design and development, I learned from the largesse of those who have shared their own knowledge along the way. These are some of the best. (If they don’t write often, it’s because they’re too busy changing the web.)


  • A List Apartpushing the web in the right direction one issue at a time for over a decade.
  • Andy MangoldI only just discovered him, but I’m a fan of where he’s going.
  • CSS WizardryI normally loathe tips-and-tricks sites. Harry Roberts’ site is the exception.
  • Jason Santa Mariaa designer whose work I admire immensely.
  • Mark Boultona Welsh fellow intent on betting web design practice and standards.
  • Simple BitsDan Cederholm does some really elegant visual design work.
  • Unstoppable Robot NinjaEthan Marcotte is one of the real luminaries of web design, always advancing best practices.



  • I Love Typographya phrase I’ve said aloud several times since I started reading this site.
  • nicetypea blog about fonts, typography, and graphic design.