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Published during: January 2012

Syntax is easy. Languages are a bit harder…

(A note to would-be designers and developers, and to myself.)

You don’t really know a language till you know the library and the tools. Syntax is easy.

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Turns out that authentication can be a bit of a bear in web applications… especially when you’re dealing with two different database backends, and all the more so when the functionality you’re adding on wasn’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye when they built the first chunk of the application. I have a headache, thanks to this particular implementation challenge.

Point of minor hilarity: wherever I type “cookie” for web dev, I want to spell it with an extra e, because that’s how you spell Wookiee.

For the record, last week was an extremely unusual week in terms of posting frequency. Between launching the site and the unusually provocative points for discussion prompted by PIPA/SOPA, there was a lot of extra content last. I generally hope to have around one post a day up on one of the sections of this site, so each section will get a post only every three or four days on average.