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The Little Things: Why I’m Done With Android

We were at the doctor’s office for a checkup on our little girl late last week, and I have a Greek class coming up – a tough class for which I figured I’d spend some time studying and preparing while waiting for the doctor. Unfortunately, I just discovered yet another of the thousand little details Google doesn’t think matter. I can’t study Greek on my phone here because Google refuses to ship (or allow users to install) a typeface that includes the polytonic Greek character set on Android. The default system font, Roboto (a poor clone of Helvetica), has accents but no breathing marks. This means that at least half the words in classical and Koine Greek are simply missing letters on any web page, and for that matter any app that doesn’t embed its own fonts.

This is not a make or break issue with the phone, but as my primary tool for mobile work in situations like this, it is quite frustrating. What is more frustrating is Google’s absolute unresponsiveness about this. There are many ways the issue could be fixed, none of them particularly complex or time-consuming (unless the folks working on android have made some really silly decisions and coupled the font deeply in the OS, which I don’t believe for a second). No, by all appearances the explanation for the still-open ticket is quite simple: Google doesn’t care. Read on, intrepid explorer →

I can hardly wait to invest in a new computer. Though my current machine has served me well these past five years – and though it is still in many ways superior to even a number of newer alternatives – I am looking forward enormously to the upgrade. Five years later, I will be doubling my computing cores (with faster cores, to boot), octupling my RAM (with higher throughput), quadrupling my total storage, and adding an SSD with all the speed improvements that promises.

In short, I’ll be flying. It’s going to be fun to push the machine and see just how far it will go and still perform well.

I finally gave up on my work laptop’s default keyboard and brought my low-profile Apple keyboard from home. So much happier this way. Seriously: I can’t even type correctly on the HP Compaq keyboard, the response is so mushy. I end up capitalizing the second letter of each capitalized word almost without exception. This is simply not a problem on any quality keyboard. If you want to know the differences between a cheap laptop and a good laptop, this is one of the big ones. Right up there with trackpad quality (and size!), and whether the edged of computer attempt to kill you by slitting your wrists. Ugh.

No Castle for you!

Following up on yesterday’s thoughts on piracy: I ran across an example that perfectly illustrates the ways that the big content industries are shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to profit and piracy.

Jaimie and I are big fans of Castle; it’s the only ongoing television show we actually watch. I was reading some discussion on this week’s episode this morning, and discovered that while ABC puts the video up on the website for streaming (good move!), they limit access to people in the United States (horrible move!). Read on, intrepid explorer →

Keyboard quality matters

I spent much of the day today working on a slightly older model HP Compac laptop.

To be as plain as I can: the keyboard was utterly atrocious. To say the keys are mushy is an understatement. To say the designers lacked a sense of aesthetic pleasure would only be slightly less obvious than to say that they had no concept of the value of ergonomics. Read on, intrepid explorer →