I recently started using Bitbucket for just about all my software repositories. I like GitHub, too, but Bitbucket has support for both Mercurial and Git, and I prefer the former (even if the latter has a bit broader usage in the software community).

You can find my public project(s) at Bitbucket itself or (identically) on a CNAME mirror of the site here at – a lovely feature that both GitHub and Bitbucket support.

One software development effort I’m involved with is actually testing Bitbucket for all its source repositories. If you’re on a small team, it’s a very good resource, as it you can have unlimited repositories for free if you have five or fewer people on the team, and for $10 a month for 10 people on the team. If your team is large enough that you can have a dedicated IP person, it’s probably less effective – but it’s hard to beat that for small teams without a dedicated IT employee.

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