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Topic: “self-discipline”

Being Disciplined—Or Not

I am writing up reflections on my devotions every day for six weeks. This is one of those posts.

I spent way too much time working on a random little programming project tonight. It was fun, and it will be useful. But unfortunately, working on it meant that I didn’t even get to start my personal devotions until now, at just after 11:30 pm. That was, in a word, stupid. One might also use “undisciplined.” I like programming projects like this one,1 but I need time in the word of God. It is all too easy to let little hobby projects get in the way of what is truly essential. On which note: I’m going to read my Bible now. If, when I am done, I am still reasonably awake, I may return and add a bit to this post. Otherwise, I shall post it as is.

I think that will do it for tonight. One of the disciplines I have increasingly come to value in the last few years is sleep. Sleep, it turns out, is right up there with eating well and regular exercise when it comes to being able to continue being productive the rest of the time. My ability to serve God faithfully depends on many things—above all his grace, and then for my part my obedience and discipline in matters of holiness, faithfully pursuing him day by day, and so on. Yet those simple practical matters are just as important in some ways.

We are physical beings—a good thing! God made us so and called us good—and when we try to ignore that, we do ourselves and others no good. Yes, we bring our body into submission, because (like our souls) it still acts rebelliously at times. But we also ought to honor the natural cycles with which God endued our physicality. Take a Sabbath. Get to bed on time. Eat well. Exercise regularly. Honor God in your body, and not only in your mind, or you will not be able to honor him with your mind as well in the future.

So: I’m headed to bed.

  1. I wrote a little script that converts Markdown files to Kindle ebooks and drops them in a folder where they get sent to either my or Jaimie’s Kindle using an IFTTT recipe. That’s how I’m sending Jaimie most of my blog posts; she finds it much more enjoyable and easier to read that way. I’ll also be able to use the functionality I put in place with Step Stool a bit later on, so that it can run automatically under certain conditions and I won’t even have to do anything except tell it I want it to run when I regenerate the site, and Jaimie will automatically get new posts from me. Super cool. Also: time consuming, and there’s the rub.