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In light of the Christian confession of God as creator, redeemer, and sanctifier, we may say that God is the one who communicates himself—Father, Son, and Spirit—to others. God’s self-communicative activity results in creation, Christ, and church. The triune God is communicative agent (Father/author), action (Word/text), and result (Spirit/power of reception). I propose that we take God’s trinitarian self-communication as the paradigm of what is involved in all true communication.

—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Is There a Meaning in This Text?


    • You’ll enjoy it — but I’ll give you fair warning, parts of it are very technical; he spends a lot of time engaging with literary critical theorists on their own turf, and as such it can be pretty dense. That said, it’s my favorite book I’m reading for classes this semester, and I think he’s just right on target across the board.

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