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Don’t call it a soft launch…

…even if that’s what this is

As I launch a new theology blog, I thought it might be helpful to outline (for myself as well as my at least initially few readers) my approach here. I aim to write broadly, addressing a wide number of topics here, but they will always be viewed through the lens of the glory of God in Christ – a phrase from Thomas Schreiner I am increasingly fond of.

As far as my own writing here goes, I expect to have two main kinds of content: regular blog posts and longer articles. The regular blog posts will be less structured and more on-the-fly – which is to say, traditional blog posts: a bit off the cuff, a bit more like thinking out loud. The articles, by contrast, will be more carefully developed and organized, and will reflect aspects of theology I have thought through at least a little, as opposed to things I am thinking through. The other, more basic differences will likely be length and visual: blog posts will be a bit shorter and considerably less likely to be visually outlined with various subheaders than full articles.

As to why I’m taking that approach, it gives me the freedom to write both the sorts of longer, more carefully pieces I am sometimes drawn to and the more meandering but typically shorter musings that have been the bread and butter of my blogging over the past half decade. Hopefully the clear distinction between the two will be of some service to my readers as well as to myself. (And hopefully my readers won’t be turned off by the semi-regularity with which I anticipate posting so-called ordinary blog posts in or upwards of the thousand-word-count marker. Those articles I’m referencing? They’ll be substantially longer than that…)

Other content you can expect to see here: book reviews, both of the long and short variety. I’ll need to come up with a good name for the shorter ones, while treating longer ones as full reviews. Responses, perhaps? We will see whenever I get around to writing my first. In any case, I hope to write a response or review for every new book I read; I think that will help me to stop and think about what I have read. (As quickly as I read, being forced to slow down and ponder a bit before moving on is very good for me.)

I will also share provocative, challenging, and encouraging quotes as I come across them. Similarly, I will put up links to other blog posts and articles that I think will be beneficial to my readers as I come across them.

Finally, when I begin my seminary studies this coming fall, I expect to be writing a fair number of academic papers, and I will share those as well (the good ones, at least!).

I don’t expect all of those things to be interesting to anyone, but I hope that each of them is interesting to someone. In any case, I know that I will find benefit simply in the exercise of my mental faculties. As has been the case for many greater luminaries who have gone before, I find that writing sharpens my thinking and provokes me to deeper thought. (And, of course, it is fun.)

So with that, we’re off. May God use this blog for his glory and our good!

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