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Topic: “nature”

Moon shadows dapple

Moon shadows dapple the asphalt
As it rolls away beneath my feet
Outdone now and again by lamplight
Till golden shadows give way again
To silver glimmerings through tree-limbs


I have always been restless, he said to me, as we sat there on the curb, watching traffic flow into the fading light of a late spring afternoon. And yes, it is submerged sometimes, buried under a layer of work and family and responsibility, but always my heart yearns for something different, bigger, something that would satisfy my soul, and I do not think it exists – at least, not here. Read on, intrepid explorer →
Sunrise in fog

that ragged edge

I lost, somewhere along the way, that ragged edge that adds such vibrancy to the color of words spilt forth like so much black and white paint— gray— on canvas. No matter how precise, the strokes remain monochrome and dull and I wonder if my soul is still intact?— hidden out amongst the wild weeds brown with winter’s death. Will I like they come once again— verdant— to life? Or will I wander always lost—no guide, no return to fervency in the way my fingers paint your mind with knowledge?

Robinsong and quiet rain

I awoke this morn To robinsong and quiet rain A quiet beauty Unmatched—far less surpassed— By mortal excellencies