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Drive Poem

6:38am We crest a hill and the plain before Spreads vast and white 6:48am The land to either side is wrapped in Glorious shroud of purest heaven fall 7:19am A thin flame – the thinnest sliver of a flame – Orangely burns ‘tween cloud and earth 7:39am A pearly halo hovers – traces lines – Between thick-drapéd eastern clouds 7:47am A radiant dome of blue and white! 7:58am A flight of overlapping, ever-shifting V’s A dazzling wing of flapping wings A break in the monotony of gray-again sky 10:36am The sun, she palely glimmers, All but faint as the moon, through The heap of cloud that overtook her 12:34am Fleeing the fingers of the storm we all morning met, Now we make our course under a great empty field of purest azure 3:13pm The world wrapped in shadow and gloom again – We were caught or we caught the grey blank once more 4:17pm Sunset nighs, but first the bright dayqueen Sets the winter grass a verdant blaze One final glorious defiance against a day of cloud