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About that book…

So about that book I’ve been working on.

I’m still working on it. Whether it’ll be a book or not, when all is said and done, however, is a bit of a different question. A few things became clear in the last week as I continued discussing and working with the good folks at Cruciform Press — specifically that we had differing visions for the best way to approach the content of the book and the finances of publishing a book like this. (A lot of this falls on me, for not getting clearer details up front on all of the above.) As such, we’ve amicably parted ways. It’s been a pleasure working with their co-founder, Kevin Meath, and I appreciate his giving me a shot along the way.

As for The World As It Is, I don’t know exactly what it will be. What I do know is that I have about eleven thousand words done and a pretty solid plan for another ten to twelve thousand words, and that I’m going to finish writing what I had planned anyway. From there, many opportunities await — the publishing world has seen a resurgence of interest in solid long-form nonfiction essays, and this might slot nicely into that terrain with some revision and restructuring. In any case, it’ll be a fun ride. Of that I have no doubts whatsoever.


    • levi thought to say:

      i’m glad that, even without facebook, i still have an avenue to speak absurdities!

      in all reality, i’m still very very excited about this book/essay, and hope once chris finishes it, someone will publish it swiftly. i do think the idea of publishing it as a long-form essay is an interesting one!

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      • I actually think that the long-form essay may ultimately suit it better in the end than the book form did. We’ll see.

        Also, on comment style: you can use Markdown, which is way easier than trying to get HTML correctly. You can:

        • *italicize*
        • **bold**
        • [link](
        • etc.

        Totally worth learning, because it’s simple (especially for the basics) and really obvious.

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        • Eric Dorbin thought to say:

          Oh, that’s what it’s called, I’ve used this method on elsewhere, but didn’t know that was Markdown. The only problem I have with it is when I want to put *’s on either side of a word, but can’t because it turnes into formatting, otherwise a really good and simple system.

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          • Two questions:

            1. Why would you want to do that except to achieve the effect of e.g. italics?
            2. You can use \ marks to do it, like this: \*word\*. That’ll allow you to include them if you so desire.
  • Eric Dorbin thought to say:

    Pretty much just for onomatopoeia or whatever you’d call it when you’re putting little written emotes like chortle or some such in your sentence. Mostly it’s just old habbit to do it this way, but I find the asterisks set it apart a little better than italics. Mostly just a preferential thing, nothing important really. It can also be good for indicating a corrected seplling in a follow up comment like: spelling* which could end up interpreted as formatting.

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