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Like any developer, I occasionally run into little corner cases for which there isn’t a good fix, or common problems in need of a common solution. If I can come up with something that works, I share.


ligatures-plus.js →

I noticed in late 2011 that while there were a few Javascript tools out there that would substitute ligatures on a web page, none of them could test whether the fonts being rendered actually supported those ligatures. This script provides a solution.


Typekitify! →

You want better fonts, and not just on the websites that already care about better fonts. Typekit makes better fonts happen. This bookmarklet generator makes Typekit happen anywhere. Awesome.


JIRA Commit Acceptance Plugin Tweaks

JIRA’s Commit Acceptance Plugin is great, but years out of date – I took the liberty of updating the Python script used by the pre-commit.bat repository hook. You’ll also find some notes on using the pre-commit hook when you don’t have a guarantee that your users have Python installed.

Windows Batch Files

Run Executables on a Network Drive →

You may need to run an executable remotely. This isn’t particularly difficult to pull of on Linux or Unix systems, of course. It’s much more involved on Windows, because you can’t count on everyone having the network location mapped. This short batch file fixes that problem quite handily.